Mobile Marketing & Business Builder with Hashtag Texting

Mobile is the fastest growing and most effective area in marketing. Over 60% of all searches are done from mobile devices. M4CRE has a suite of tools to create, engage and convert prospects.. Our lead capture tools use email, QR codes, voice and short code, each a different way to capture, nurture and convert your audience. The most effective of these tools, today, is target texting.

Hashtag texting, the most advanced tool for mobile marketing:

  • delivers your SPECIFIC product or service information to your audience
  • captures their contact information and sends it to you immediately
  • can be used to qualify, cross sell or segment markets and interests
  • launch tailored follow up campaigns by product, service or whatever specified "hashtag" you select
  • can have a distinct and separate hashtag for each of your products under the same master phone number, create strategic groupings and messaging
  • can have virtual dialogues with your audience

And, hashtag texting is customizable for your specific needs. We create campaigns using local numbers, responsive landing pages, live and on demand video. Our hashtag texting system is four times more effective than a static website in lead generation, prospect nurturing and conversion. It performs better for your business and is more cost effective than any other method.

Why It Works

When does your best prospect show up? No one knows, so you have to ready 24/7

When a consumer wants to know something, they want to know now.

The micro moments, according to Google, are the crucial moments when your audience wants something and they want it now. When you serve them at this moment, you connect when it is meaningful to them and stand out. With an instant response, your build a reciprocity with your prospect. Before, you just missed the opportunity.



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